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Initial Onsite Design Consulatation

$385.00 USD

(Plus applicable taxes)

Congratulations! You are about to experience an Interior Design Working Session (Step 2 or the Project Discovery Process).

Are you ready to make changes to your home? Maybe you have been waiting to make your space a place to be proud of, or you are moving into a new space that does not feel quite yours yet… This service is for you!

We will follow a proven process to provide you with the best value on your consultation. If you decide to move forward with another service package, this time will also ensure the best experience for you. Whether you decide to tackle the project by yourself or with my assistance this consultation will save you money and mistakes moving forward.

This is step two within the Project Discovery Process.

What you can expect from your 90-minute - 2 Hour Initial Design Consultation:

Thoroughly discuss your project ideas to assess the scope of work.

Walkthrough of your space(s) to learn more about how the space will work for you and your lifestyle

I will make suggestions as we go and answer any questions you may have. It will be helpful to prioritize which spaces are most important at this time.

If we need to select paint colors, this may be included or added to our time together


STEP 1: Complimentary Discovery Call

STEP 2: 90 Minute -2 Hour Initial Design Consultation *

STEP 3: Recommend Next Design Package if Interested


Step One

You will begin by purchasing the Initial Design Consultation (on this page) to get started.

You will then refer to your secure account in MyDoma (our online platform to manage our working relationship). Within your Studio, you will have access to all of the tools necessary for your project. In the left column, you will find your menu.

Step Two

Use the Appointment tab to view my calendar and book your 90 minute- 2 Hour appointment.

Write down all your questions and or thoughts before our meeting, even if you think you will remember what you want to ask (this can include suggestions or requests or any problem areas large or small. You would be surprised how many clients forget items in their mental lists during our meeting.

Our consultation time spent will be the first stage in developing your future Interior Design planning.

We will spend a total of 90 minutes and up to 2 Hours, on-site or virtually, conducting a deep dive assessment of your project to gather the information that is essential to achieve your goals. I want to hear about your expectations of the process and results.

I will ask a lot of questions, possibly take notes and photos for future reference. The goal is that we all walk away understanding the scope of the project you are have in mind.

At the close of this appointment, you will be clear about what you need moving forward. If you decide to move forward working with Peace of Mind Design, we will begin to create your Scope of Work and move into Step Three.

Step Three

The result of this Initial Design Consultation will provide a framework for a further recommendation, leading to your future Interior Design Package purchase.

If you decided that you would like to move forward with a service package, I will be able to suggest the best process for you.

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